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ASCOSET« Peristaltic I.V. infusion sets


ASCOSET« Peristaltic set is a disposable, 230 cm long I.V. infusion set with silicone insertion dedicated for ASCOR volumetric infusion pumps.

ASCOSET« Peristaltic set includes:

  • two-way piercing spike for stiff and plastic containers, with an integrated, bacteria-proof, hydrofobic air-vent
  • long drip-chamber, with a 15 Ám fluid flat filter
  • precision roller clamp
  • silicone insertion to be installed inside the pump, 130 mm long - dedicated for model AP31P, 220 mm long - dedicated for model AP31
  • Luer-Lock connector

    Perfect compatibility of different parts of ASCOSET« Peristaltic I.V. infusion sets and their configuration guarantee very high accuracy of dosing and fully eliminate any trauma to the patient.

    Manufactured exclusively for ASCOR MED Sp. z o.o. by : MARGOMED POLAND

  • Single-syringe pumps:   AP14
  • Volumetric infusion pumps:   AP31
  • Double-syringe pumps:   AP24+  
  • Medical stands:   AS system
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